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I'm a Mormon.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kid to Kid

I LOVE Kid to Kid! It is one of my favorite stores. I normally go to the one in my town, which isn't THAT impressive, but I've still gotten some great deals. This week I went to a different store, and it was AMAZING!! In fact, I found out that on September 12 they are getting out all their Halloween Costumes! So check out and see when a store in your area is doing this! Or go HERE and maybe I'll see you on Sept 12!

Cookie Cutters

I took my little girl to the Cookie Cutters Hair Salon, and it was a great experience (well, she sobbed, but they were so great and we were able to get a great haircut.) The cost is normally 13.95, but if you have a Cookie Cutters near you and would like a $3 off coupon, leave a comment with your email address and I will send you one. It expires November 1, 2009, but I'll probably be getting more coupons in the future! It was a very great deal and they were experts with my small child. (she even got to sit in a pink car, watch Elmo, eat candy, pop bubbles, and hold a toy pony!)