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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think I've been avoiding this topic for a while. Like since I typed up DD2's birth story. (found HERE)

Recently I've wondered why I wanted to have a natural childbirth. What WAS I thinking? Why would anyone do that? It's insane! Then I read a birth story (this friend had an epidural and had a great birth, which is wonderful!) and I remembered a few things.

First, I was in charge of my birth. I got to decide to break my water (which sped things up ALOT! YAY!) I got to move, eat, drink, bathe, squat, and do whatever I wanted to help me cope with the intensity of my labor. It really wasn't horrible...until I started pushing. That was torture. But it's fuzzy now.

After DD2 was born, I IMMEDIATELY held her. Oddly enough, I find it so tragic to read stories of babies being born and then, for no medical reason, being whisked away for 10 minutes, receiving stinging eye drops, being wiped down and wrapped up, and then handed to their mothers. That's what happened with DD1. I Just. Wanted. To. Hold. Her. With DD2, our immediate contact is what made everything worth it. I LOVE that memory of holding her, nursing her for 30 minutes, and then being willing to let her go with the nurse and her dad to get cleaned up. But even still, she was gone for 2 hours after that. I wanted her back.

So, I guess my reasons for natural childbirth have evolved. I don't think the actual exerience of giving birth was any more fulfilling by doing it naturally, but I relished the feeling of control, and I treasure the memories of holding my sweet, brand new baby right up to me.


Becky J said...

With my second, I was able to hold him right after he was born and also nursed for like 30 minutes. It was great. After we moved to the mother and baby room, they cleaned him up in the same room. There were only a couple times he was taken and each time was for like 30 minutes or less.

Jenny said...

it's interesting how our desires and views change through different experiences. I cherish those few moments right after birth, immediately holding and nursing my new little one. But I think you hit on a great point about childbirth, whether it is natural birth, medicated or c-section, planned or emergency--that of control, helping women to feel like they have choices, that they are in charge of how things go and are supported my whoever is attending their birth. We all want the same outcome, a happy and healthy baby and mom, each of us may take a different route to get there, but along the way the more empowered and involved we can feel, I think the better experience for everyone involved.