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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Try again

So, I have been reading a book that I recommend so far. It is called "The Cheapest Family on the Block". I'm learning a lot about how to be frugal. As Stuart is in his last year, and I'm going to try pulling of staying home full time, we need to save every penny. I wish we had been more frugal up to this point, but it's not like we spend everything we have, there just always seem to be demands, such as registering a car, new brakes and tires, utilities, health care, etc...

I have a few goals now that I am rededicated to being frugal:
1. Plan meals and go shopping only 2 times a month
2. Use only 1 tank of gas a month. Sorry, honey, that means walking to school.
3. Be content with what I have. I really don't need new clothes, or a digital camcorder, although those things would be nice.
4. Pay off debts. We don't really have much, just my small student loan, but I'd have more peace of mind knowing it was paid off.
5. Retire at 50. Ha ha! That's a long shot, but that really is our joint goal, because we'd like to serve lots of missions.

I have many more goals than that, but mostly I want to concentrate on the first 4.
I'll try to post weekly meal plans along with categoried shopping lists. Also, I'll share any good deals I find in ads or coupons. Feel free to post any ideas... :)