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Monday, August 10, 2009

Home Canning

My sister and I are undertaking a canning adventure soon. We want to can peaches, peach jam, and salsa. This is the first time we've canned since we "helped" mom in the kitchen when we were very small. Any home canners out there with any advice?

If not, I'll just have to read


Xazmin said...

I came by from SITS! I want to do some canning myself, and like you have on dabbled in "helping mom!" I'll be following your adventure!

Glad I found your blog!

Jenny said...

that's great Crystal, I've wanted to do some canning myself but have been intimidated to start, even though I too helped my mom and know of other women who do it. I'd love to hear how it goes, maybe that will motivate me to venture into this as well, as I figure it would be a good "next step" for me in my effort to be more thrifty/self-sufficient. Let us all know what you learn, I for sure will be wanting to learn from you!! :)

Meleana said...

I started canning last year and was "thrown into the fire" as I learned. You need a funnel, tongs to lift your hot jars, a magnetic lid lifter and jars. Jar size depends on its contents and how much your family will eat of it.
My tiny family of four requires wide-mouth pint jars for salsa, diced tomatoes & tomato sauce. But we'll need quart-sized bottles for peaches. Hopefully this helps to start the hunt

Meleana said...

Have you found and tried any peach salsa recipes yet? I'd like to do some peach salsa. I need a recipe that's good for bottling. I'd like to do a batch or two.

Lee said...

Got a question about canning Green Salsa with Avacado in it. Is it possible to can this?