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Monday, September 30, 2013

A stroller for the twins

Many of you who read this blog know about my little sister Whitney. She and her husband Evan have been down a hard road, but we are so excited about their twins, who could arrive any time now that Whit is 32 weeks! Hopefully the babies bake a few more weeks, but the end is definitely in sight.

Now I need to ask for a favor. We have been wanting to do something really nice for them. Something that would be useful and appreciated. You see, Evan is in medical school, and funds are tight. And this is their dream stroller:
The only problem? This stroller is almost $500. (And that is with my REI discount!) Some might argue that they could get a much cheaper stroller, but this is a top-of-the-line stroller. It lasts decades. It is really great! And sometimes, when you have had 2 babies born still, you just want something nice for the babies that you have.

Will you help us? In essence we are throwing them an online "stroller shower!" And YOU are invited! $5-$10 would be SO appreciated in meeting our goal!!

For information on how to contribute to this gift, please contact me at crystalDOTdeardenATgmailDOTcom.
Thank you!!

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