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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Treasure Hunt

I LOVE Easter. Celebrating life, and especially the Resurrection of my Savior, is a wonderful reminder that death is not the end, and I am filled with gratitude for His sacrifice and the wonderful gift, given freely to all!

After participating in several Easter Egg hunts that were over in 5 minutes and seemed to have little, if anything, to do with Easter, I came up with an Easter Treasure Hunt. The materials I use are LDS materials, but feel free to improvise. Please link back to this post if you share this idea!

Helpful tips:
*I start by talking to the kids about expected behavior. No pushing, shoving, hitting, bullying, etc. The kids are siblings and cousins, so I don't anticipate too much of a problem. Most of the clues have a "challenge" attached, which everyone must participate in. Grown-ups can help with the reading, and adult participation is required to make this go smoothly.
*I hide all the clues in blue plastic eggs (Blue Clues, so they can remember)
*The oldest grandchild participating can read. This might be too complicated for toddlers and babies. (ok, obviously) We'll see how my 2 1/2 year old will do, but I think my 4-year-old will LOVE it!

Challenge #1:Sing “I lived in Heaven.”
Clue #1: The Wise man built his house upon the _________. Sing the song, the missing word is where you will find your next clue. (This clue is hiding by a big rock in the yard, they will have to run around and search for it).

Challenge #2: Look up Helamen 5:12 on page 378 of the Book of Mormon, and read it out loud together.
Clue #2: Look at this picture (GAK 100 The creation) I am hiding here, Jesus created me on the fourth day. I have wrinkly, rough skin, and provide shade for you on a hot summer day. Find the next clue by finding me.

Challenge #3: Jesus also created our bodies. Do 10 jumping jacks and thank Heavenly Father for your strong, Healthy Body.
Clue #3: Another name for Jesus is “The Bread of Life.” Why do you think that is? Go find some bread to find your next clue. (Next clue hiding in pantry, or bread box, where ever you keep bread)

Challenge #4: Give a hug to someone you love!
Clue #4: GAK 208 Jesus was baptized to show us the way. When we get baptized, we are clean and we show that we will follow Jesus. Find you next clue where you clean your body. (Bath tub)

Clue #5 GAK Jesus was crucified by men who did not understand who he was. When he died, he was laid in a tomb. Find your next clue in a place where one of you lay down at night to sleep. (A bed of one of the children)

Challenge #6: Sing "Families can be together forever”
Clue #6. GAK Because Jesus loved us, he died for us, and then was resurrected! That is what Easter is all about! We can live together in families forever because death is not the end of life! Find your LAST clue in a place that reminds us how Families can be together forever. (hint: it’s a place where Moms and Dads can be married for Eternity!) (A picture of the temple.)

Challenge #7: Each person must tell one thing they believe about Jesus.
Clue #7: JUMP around to find a treasure for each of you! (Easter Baskets are hiding by a the trampoline.)