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Friday, November 9, 2007

Ideas wanted!

After talking to many friends, I decided to create a blog dedicated to sharing ideas while living on a tight budget.
Ideas can include:
1. Cheap, easy, but YUMMY recipes. These recipes are ones moms have tried and used!
2. Shopping tips: how to stretch your dollar to get the most from it!
3. Child-care tips: from potty-training to dealing with teen-aged kids!
4. Home organization!
5. Any other ideas posters can think of!

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Jenny said...

Crystal--This is a great idea! I am super excited. I actually have started another blog too about mom stuff, but hadn't really done much with it yet, but this is totally what I was wanting to have as part of that blog--share ideas on meal planning, cleaning, etc. So this is great!! I'm super excited. And we'll totally have to talk about the only shopping 2x/month, etc. Since we've been in Vegas I swear we have shopped and spent a ton on I'm excited to hear your ideas and get help from you. You are such a cute, good Mom!!