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Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Countdown

We are SO excited! Tonight begins our Christmas Countdown! We will be decorating, having a yummy salmon dinner, eating brownies and ice cream, singing songs, and enjoying the beginning of our CELEBRATION of CHRIST!

I found this activity that we will be doing every day to help us remember Christ this season! I love simple things that other people think of!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for posting this, I hadn't seen this one before! Below are three ideas that I either cut out and laminated from past magazines or printed from online. (I don't know if the links will work but we'll give it a try!)

This one we do a Christmas chain countdown with green and red paper then we cut and paste the scriptures to each paper so each day we read one leading up to the end--a homemade paper Christmas tree with the picture of Christ from this activity in the center. It worked really well last year so I think we'll do this again. But I think I'll probably print and laminate the one you just posted too, it's super cute!