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Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad-Mommy Rehab

Hello. My name is Crystal, and I'm a Mommy Guilt-aholic.

When DD1 was born I read to her every day. It's true. I have missed very few days of reading to her over the last 30 months! Then DD2 was born. I hardly ever read books to her. It would seem easy to read to both girls at the same time, but figuring out the whole 2 kids in under 2 years was a bit of a challenge. So I haven't read to DD2 nearly as much as her older sister. But guess what? She still loves books. She'll sit for 30 minutes and look through books, and since her interest has grown, I've gotten much better at reading to her. So take that you "oh no I'm not treating my 2nd kid the same as my 1st" guilt.

Seriously though, has anyone else suffered from guilt over not being able to do it the same way with child #2? Obviously I do some things better, but it's still hard!


Brooke said...

BRAVO!!!! I too suffer from..."I don't read to my kids enough " guilt. Obviously you are a rock star mom if your youngest will sit and look through books for more than 5 minutes! GO YOU!!!!!!

also...welcome to rehab!

paiger said...

it is hard! i have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and just had our second daughter in may. even in utero, i felt like DD2 didn't get nearly as much attention as my first baby did when i was pregnant....i have a feeling it's going to be that way for a long time (well for me at least). but at least we try, right?! that's half the battle!