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Monday, February 28, 2011

Montessori Monday #2

I can't find my camera. Which means I can't find the pictures I took last week. But I'll explain a couple of the things we did:

1. We played with a button snake. Great. Idea. I pretty much have bookmarked in my crafts folder every thing that Counting Coconuts has made for her son! She's my Montessori craft mom hero. You can also use the colored felt for patterns, sorting, counting, you name it! I love felt!

2. Speaking of love, and felt, I made some felt hearts for Valentine's day and painted numbers on them with fabric puff paint. I didn't add embellishments, because I wanted her to count out for herself. DD1 wasn't as interested in the hearts as I hoped. I had her use some of the googly eyes we had (that I purchased a while ago for a project I haven't started yet) to count. She played with those for an hour, and has since practiced sorting them by size. It made a cute picture. Wish I could find my camera...

3. We also played play-doh. A mini-rolling pin and a variety of cookie cutters are on my wish list. :)

4. DD1 started showing interest in writing her letters. I can't get her to hold her pencil even remotely correctly, but she'll draw a few letters, and they aren't too bad. To help with her fine motor, I made some stencils out of old cottage cheese lids. I'll have to post a tutorial after I find my camera. Hmmm. Where is that?

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Counting Coconuts said...

Aw, thank you so much for linking back to me and for calling me your 'Montessori craft mom hero' (I'm totally blushing over here!).

Can't wait to see your tutorial for stencils! Another good activity for practicing that pincer grasp is inserting real or plastic coins into a slot cut into the lid of a jar (see this post of mine if I've not made any sense here lol: :) Tonging or tweezing is another great fine motor activity and one that's helped us quite a bit.


Nicole said...

You reminded me to get our button snake out for Pita Pocket this week. Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! :)