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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just a thought

Since becoming a mother almost five years ago, my life has been filled with minor anxieties about teaching my children.  I believe I am equal to the task, but it seems there is a lot of room for parent failure!  Fortunately, I am doing my best to seek the help of my Heavenly Parents.  I have thought a lot about how Heavenly Father and Mother (I see no reason to leave her out, I feel confident that she and I were very close in the pre-mortal realm and I love her!) parent us.  The Eyre's wrote a great book that gives lots of lessons we can learn from our Heavenly Parents, and I won't go into those.  BUT, a few minutes ago I did have a thought, and I thought I would share it and let you take it where you want.

When the Savior fasted for forty days at the beginning of His ministry, he was then tempted by the devil.  I have borne testimony to my children many times about the reality and divinity of the Savior.  But I think it's important to remind them that Lucifer is real, and that he wants to claim us.  In D&C 76, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery bear powerful testimony of Jesus Christ.  "He lives, for we saw Him, even on the right hand of God." (verses 22-24) Then, they are shown in vision the fall of Satan. (verses 25-30)  "And this we also saw, and bear record."  I wouldn't call it a testimony of Satan, but it is important to acknowledge that yes, he is real.  And He "maketh war with the Saints of God."  

So, the conclusion I draw from this is that not only must we warn our children of Satan's desire to have power over us, but perhaps one way they can combat his temptations is by using the same strategies the Savior did when he was tempted after a period of fasting.  Our family will be studying these scriptures and seeking to learn how to make it through these temptations.  

How do you teach your children to withstand the temptations of the devil?

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