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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pornography is NOT OKAY!

A few years ago my sister mentioned something on her blog about the harmful effects of pornography.  I should go and find that post, but I don't think that was even the main point of the post.  However, the backlash from some of her readers was astounding.  So many people justifying the viewing of pornography!  Some even tried to convince themselves that watching porn with their husbands enriched their relationship!  Really?  Do you really think your husband is thinking about YOU when he sees other humans objectifying themselves?

Over the last few years, I have read a lot and seen people I love being harmed by pornography use.  And it isn't just men!  I knew a girl in high school who was ADDICTED to trashy romance novels.  I don't think it served her well.

I am SPEAKING OUT!  ENOUGH!  As a Latter Day Saint, I believe that one of the greatest gifts God gave us (After His Son, and agency) was a BODY!  That body is the home for our spirit.  Each person on this earth is a Spirit Son or Daughter of God.  But the entire point of pornography is to view each other as objects that we can use for gratification.  I have had yucky guys check me out.  It's disgusting.  I feel violated.  I don't wear provocative clothing (although even if I did, I still deserve to be treated as a human and not a piece of meat!).

Pornography is NOT OK.  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is NOT ALRIGHT!!  It's wrong!  Women, where are our voices?  Why aren't we united against this degrading mind-washing scheme!

I love the group Beauty Redefined.  Read their research!  The things they write are SO important!

I know this post isn't the most eloquent, well-written post.  Someday my kids will be older and I'll will have time to proof-read and revise my writing.  But it is still important!

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