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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good ideas

The Claytons had some good ideas about how to save time in the kitchen, so I thought I'd post the link. Thanks Shalyse.

I have completely neglected this blog because I really didn't think anyone looked at it. Then I looked at the survey, so I guess more people than I thought have looked. So I will try and be more vigilant. Being a mom is hard. But I got a new mop today, so hopefully that will help motivate me to clean. You know, the novelty of new things! :)


Staci Lei said...


I like this website..I'm so sorry I'm not a very good contributor, but when something good comes up, I'll definitely post it!

I'm a full-time employee--much longer than I ever expected. I've been a full time employee for 10years--oh boy. No wonder I'm burned out :).

Shalyse said...

I love this blog too. I am sorry I didn't think of posting my tips directly to the post. Glad you thought of it! You have very helpful ideas and things on here. I also love the polls!