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Friday, January 15, 2010

Out with the advice!

I know I have lots of friends who have had great success in nourishing their babies with formula. I am compiling a little mini-book for my sis, who is expecting a little baby around April. So for all you moms who have things to share, please help me out!! :)

1. What bottles worked best? Is it worth it to go for the expensive kind, or will the cheapest do alright?

2. What bottle nipples are best. Should you change to faster flowing nipples as your baby gets older?

3. What did you do if your baby seemed colicky or had tummy troubles?

4. Which formula did you use? Was there any special reason why you used this formula?

5. Any magic recipes for spit-up stains?

6. How much and how often did your baby eat as a new-born? 3 months? 6? 9?

7. Any other advice you would give a mom-to-be about feeding? Scheduling? Positioning? Amount of formula? Sleeping?

I know that what works for 1 person doesn't work for everyone, but my hope is that we'll get some advice that she can try and figure out what works. That's what being a mom is all about anyway... ;)


Elisa said...

If the baby's body is not picky about the type of formula that he/she drinks, then go for the Costco brand--It's way, way cheaper than enfamil and similac brands! Jacob liked it just fine, and it is comparable in quality.

Brandon and Julie said...

I got hand me down bottles and cleaned the nipples really well, and they worked just fine. The nipples I did learn, that what they like from the start they will most likely like from then on. We could not change bottles because Claire would stop eating. Formula was an expensive weekly buy, but was worth it in the end (expensive cuz she had to have a brand that she wouldn't spit up, just so happened to be the most expensive out there). Being short on milk supply I was able to feed the babe from the beginning with formula (with a mix of mine until I was done). But she was sleeping through the night by 3 months, because she was much more full. she ate every 3 hours at the start, even at night, but only because they suggested it at the hospital because she was so small, (I say don't wake them up to feed (even when they are small)let them wake you up),that soon ended as I was tired, and she was tired. After that she slept as long or as little at night until she wanted food. Then we evened out at every 4 hours with just eating more ounces as she grew. Claire was giving reflux medicine, but I took her off of it cuz I didn't think she needed it, but it is out there. Hope it helps, need anything else let me know

Brandon and Julie said...

Okay so I didn't answer everything, I couldn't get the post to show while i was typing at first. we used playtex bottles, (which we got from someone I knew well). Cheap ones work sometimes BETTER than the expensive. We only had four bottles and they worked well, just washed them out and set them upside down, and washed them at the end of the day. We never changed nipple size, the flow was always the same. We used similac (it is not cheap use the cheap stuff if you can). can't help with stains, we didn't have a spitter, but Oxi- Clean works wonders. I put the babe on a schedule as soon as I could. eating at about the same time, bathing, sleeping, all that stuff. Her pediatrician WILL give you info on bottle feeding and how much formula to give at certain ages. Just have her ask if they don't. Sorry so long, and sorry if it doesn't help.

Jenny said...

We used the Avent bottles when I was working and pumping/supplementing when he weaned and went to the bottle full-time from 9-12 months. they seemed to work well for us. We did change the nipple sizes as he got older, it drove him crazy to use the #2 later when he was used to the 4 ha ha.

He wasn't picky about the formula brand really, but we did qualify for WIC so that helped a lot when we needed to supplement and then he ended up weaning from breastfeeding at about 9 months old.

Natalie said...

I clicked on over here to read your nursing post and saw this one too. As Julie's friend, I feel obligated to answer. :)

I did both nursing AND bottle feeding, so I have experience with both. As far as type of bottles, I found you have to keep trying until you find one your kid likes. Same with the nipples. We used cheap bottles and Sadie loved them. We used NUK nipples, but only because they eased the transition from breast to bottle. We also found the ones with the "bent" neck helped with tummy troubles a bit. It helps keep the kid more upright.

My biggest advice: DON'T buy the name-brand formula if you don't have to. FDA guidelines make it so store brand formulas MUST have the exact same nutrition amounts. The only reason name-brand is more expensive is because of advertisements, etc.

Hope my little tidbits of advice are somewhat helpful! Pediatricians are usually a great go-to for advice as well.

Kory and Steve said...

My experience: Gerber bottles are the BEST!! They don't leak and I could get latex nipples which worked WAY better than Silicone for my girls. Costco's Kirkland brand formula is Similac Advance, but less than 1/2 the price of the Similac packaged formula.
If the baby spits up a lot, or has tummy issues... Carnation Good Start is the BEST. Also, if the baby spits up a lot it could be acid reflux. (Whitney had it and it was so miserable until we got her on an Rx for it.) Also, while pricey if baby has tummy issues try premade formula. It is mixed differently and Breann could only use the premade Good Start for the first 8 mos because her tummy just could not handle the powder. It was very expensive, but is there really too expensive when it comes to your babies??
As for feeding and schedules, let your baby tell you. Whitney ate every 3 hrs, Breann every 4. Whitney LOVED formula and by the time she was 3 mos was eating 8-9 oz a feeding. Breann, well she has still at 11 mos never eaten more than 6-7 oz, and that RARELY happens. Like a nursed baby, formula fed babies will to decide what they need. My doctor has always said, if you need a schedule, you tell baby when and what and they will adjust. If it doesn't bother you let the baby decide. If you are offering your baby food they will not starve themselves so as a mom you have to decide what is best for you and baby.
I have plenty more information if you care to hear let me know:
With my girls and their wierd issues I happened to try just about every formula, schedule and type of bottle out there, and did LOTS of research for my babies so if Julie needs some answers I am willing to help!
Still praying all goes smoothly for her and am way excited. Just remind her that she will be the mom and will ALWAYS know what's the best for her and baby Z!!