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Monday, February 8, 2010

This week's learning activities.

Interested in what I'm planning to teach the toddler this week?

*2nd Article of faith.
We will use the song and recite it together at each meal, and at bedtime.

*Letter B
~Coloring sheets here.
~Letter B sorting game: Have a variety of objects, and sort them in to piles of "B" beginning sounds and "not B" beginning sounds
~Letter B treasure hunt around the house.
~Practice writing

*Number 2
~#2 coloring sheet.
~Sorting beans into groups of 2
~Finding things that come in pairs (shoes, parents, gloves, etc)
~Practice writing.

~Talk about sharing, give examples in Family Home Evening.
~Use a timer to practice taking turns when Molly & Michael come to play on Tuesday. (If there is a toy dispute, each child can play with the coveted toy for, say, 5 minutes).
~ Read "DW go to your room" and discuss why it's important to share.
Do you have any other books that you think are good sharing books? Any other ideas to teach these concepts? Let me know! Leave a comment!


Heatherlady said...

I tagged you on my blog. You don't have to do it if you don't want but I was curious to see what you'd put. Great ideas by the way. I'm struggling MEGA on FHE ideas for a toddler-- it is hard!

Laura said...

You're such an organized mom -- that's GREAT!

Are you sure you weren't a preschool teacher in a previous life?

Great ideas! Have a happy week.