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Sunday, February 28, 2010

D week Learning Activities

D week!

DD1 Has a hard time with D, she always calls it B. We're just working on capital letters right now, but I'm excited! I'm going to try this on a Daily Schedule:

Introduce Letter D with big foam letter. (If you don't have foam letters, you can just print off a big Letter D). Have her use beans to put all around the outside of the letter D.
Scripture Verse: 2 Ne 4:15 My soul delighteth in the scriptures
Number 4: draw, sort beans used in above activity into groups of 4

Use play dough to make letter D. (She loved this, so we're doing it again.) Also, we'll try and sculpt a dinosaur!
Practice scripture verse & 2nd Article of Faith
Play connect 4

Story time at the Library

Dinosaur day. Read: How do Dinosaurs clean their rooms, and How do Dinosaurs play with their friends. Also read a non-fiction picture book about Dinosaurs.

Friday: Fun-filled Friday! Dance DAY! Stay tuned on Thursday for Details! It's going to be a blog hop!

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