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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A few things...

1. Our hard drive got fried. Like, we could hear it sizzling. So I have only little computer access until we get a new one, which is not a top priority. lol. I actually love being offline, it helps me keep my priorities straight. And I still have our Ipod Touch, so I'm not TOO disconnected.

2. I bought a piano today. A digital. I love it. I'm so excited. My girls enjoyed playing it today!

3. A few things on my to-do list this week:
a)find out the gender of our baby,
b)finger paint with my girls,
c)host playgroup
d)quit playgroup, because it is too much stress (it is a "drop your kid off" kind of play group, which just doesn't jive with my Girl being barely 3, and it doesn't remotely help with my need for adult socializing).
e) play my piano at least an hour a day (I've played since I was 8, but haven't had a piano since I moved away from home last decade. I'm a little rusty.)
f) find some piano students, to help convince DH that this was a good investment.
g) start cutting out felt for my quiet book pages. Deadline for finishing the pages: April 15th!
i) make dinner and a banana cream pie for hubby on his birthday.

4. I've been really grumpy lately. By lately, I mean for the last month or so. Or maybe the last year? I don't know, but I have got to break this cycle of grumpiness. I'm hoping the warmer weather will banish sickness from our home. Which would improve my mood drastically.

5. I'd like to start walking 2 miles a day.

6. My toddler was diagnosed with RSV this week. Good thing she isn't tiny any more! Sheesh! We really haven't been healthy for more than a week at a time this winter!

7. I've done Montessori stuff the last two weeks, but I can't access the pictures on our fried hard drive. Sob.


Jewls said...

Ugh, RSV? You need to call me more, I feel so out of the loop! We've (when I say we I mean Z) have been sick all winter, I'm ready for Spring to get rid of the yuckies!

I'm so happy you got a piano! If I lived closer I'd have you teach ME to play, because I really want to! :)

Miss you, love you! Are you coming this weekend or should I mail your hubbies bday card?

Alyssa said...

HOLY COW! I am way out of touch! I didn't know yall we're having another baby! Congrats Crystal! I am super duper excited to see what yall are having!