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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finger paint link & activity plan

Due to our recent purchase, I'm not allowed to buy anything for the next year. Yeah, I took a chunk of the money we had saved for a minivan to buy my piano. But already I think DH is convinced it was a good purchase. (I hope!)

Anyway,we don't have fingerpaints, so I googled "Homemade fingerpaints" and found this link. I don't have cornstarch, so I'll use the recipe that calls for just flour and water. I know The Girl (DD1) will love this, and I hope Sweet C (DD2) won't eat it. But if she does, it isn't toxic! We should try pudding painting sometime.

Also, I solved our rolling pin dilemna (remember that I wanted a rolling pin for The Girl to use with her Play Doh?) by purchasing 2 1" dowls from the craft store. Rolling pin total: $.50 each! Suh-weet! And it works great, I didn't sand it or anything, and the Play Doh doesn't stick. We'll have to see if it works as well for homemade play dough.

I thought I would just plan 5 activities for the week, to do each day. I'm struggling to keep up with the actual Montessori preschool/tot school stuff, and I think it would be better just to have ideas of things to do. My goal is 1 hour or less of TV each day, and 2 hours or more of playing outside, at least when it's above 45 degrees.

Five Activities for the week:
1. Finger paint
2. Nature collage (after a nature scavenger hunt, of course!)
3. Write and illustrate our own story
4. Field trip (I'm thinking I'll call the firestation, which is close, and see if we can visit.)
5. Put on a couple puppet shows. (I have puppets, we just need to utilize these more frequently).

I'm also going to try to be more consistent with circle time each day, and be better about using the Book of Mormon Reader each day to read to my girlies.


Michemily said...

You got a piano?! Awesome.

Jenny said...

you are great! such a good mommy. very impressed by how diligent you are being about planning and doing great activities with your girls.

Diana said...

My favorite fingerpaint is shaving cream, it smells good and gets the table really clean! Plus, it just evaporates if it get on clothes.