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Monday, March 21, 2011

No TV week

After a complete meltdown by The Girl (DD1) last Saturday, because I wouldn't let her watch ANOTHER show, I decided it was time for action. We've watched a lot of tv/movies this winter. And I mean a lot. Are you aware of the AAP's recommendation for media? Well, we met or surpassed that most days this winter. It was clear that The Girl was addicted to watching shows, and it's almost scary to see how transfixed Sweet C (barely 18 months) gets any time the TV is on.

Yesterday was our first full day of no TV. It is probably the first time in the last 3 years we have not turned any tv or movies on. Actually, we have an old TV and don't have cable or a converter box, so we don't get TV service. But we didn't turn any movies on. And do you know what? I liked it. It was nice. It felt good and we played together, read LOTS of books (which is typical in our home anyway), and just enjoyed the relative quiet. The Girl was made well aware of the NO TV for a week rule, and she didn't whine ONCE about watching a show.

So, this week we will be TV-free. Wish me luck!


Alyssa said...

Thats really great MommyD! We have no screen days too at our house. Those days mostly coincide with beautiful weather days, but hey! We're working on it! ha ha

Margot said...

Good for you! We've been primarily TV and movie free. At least we were, until this Winter. We've been sick soooo much that the TV has been on a lot in an effort to keep little boys resting on the couch. Well, Peter has also been having major meltdowns about not getting to watch TV all day long, so we told him we're not turning it on until our Friday night family movie night, whether or not we're sick. I really prefer my house with the TV off.

Melanie said...

I love it! I was very seriously *going to* do this a couple weeks ago, but I quickly gave in simply because movies are my way of distracting Jefferson while I get Caleb down for naps and bedtime. :-/ But I, too, am bothered by how much movie time Jefferson gets and that Caleb is now starting to show interest in it (and he's not quite a year!). So you've inspired me to try again. :)

I've thought of just throwing out the TV altogether (or freecycling it anyway), but we have so many movies and I do want to be able to watch movies sometimes as a treat at least! So...discipline!