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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A list

First, I want to mention that I do not believe that how much/little TV your kids watch is an indication of what kind of parent you are.* We all have different circumstances. I'm not swearing off TV forever (though I will admit I LOVE having it off.) After this break, we'll probably watch 30-60 minutes, and it will probably be as rewards for girls doing their jobs and helping out. I will try not to use it as a babysitter as much. But if that is what works for you, DO NOT feel guilty. I had to get to a point where I couldn't let myself feel guilty, I had to keep my sanity. Mountain winters are hard!

I also don't believe TV is inherently bad. The Girl knows all the letters and their sounds thanks to Leap Frog's Letter Factory (she actually had those down by the time she was 2 1/2!) Mickey Mouse Club House has reinforced a lot of the things I've taught her, and Little Einsteins is just fun, not to mention the classical music and art that show introduces small children to! But too much of anything is not good. And that is the point we are at!!

BUT...Spring is coming! And with it we will have so many more things to do than play outside!

Here is where I need some help. We could have many yucky weather days ahead of us, and I though I would compile a list of fun things to do instead of watching TV. What has worked for you on those days when you say "no TV" and your kids keep whining for a show? What activities do your kids LOVE? Leave me a comment and I will put together a list, or blog about it and I will link to your blog! Let's help each other. I think has great ideas for all sorts of things, and a lot of the homeschooling/preschool blogs have perfect boredom busters! And sometimes just getting down and playing make believe with my kids is the only thing to quench the whining. And quite frankly, I think they'd rather play with me than watch TV anyway. (Not to be cocky, but they love me...most of the time!)

My goal is to have a list of 100 different things to do that are easy to put together. Will you help?

*Though I have heard of parents who put their babies in a high chair all day in front of a TV. There is a point where it reaches neglect, but I doubt any of us have problems with that!


Dani said...

you can plant seeds inside. using an egg carton or what i remember doing in school was pinto beans in wet paper cloths in a plastic bag, and we watched them grow. Avocado seeds. inside/outside scavenger hunts, walks and playing at the playground is always a great spring/summer act, pic-nic, having them punch out jello shapes. Please post your list when you get it put together! I'm so ready for outside weather!

Margot said...

We bake (cookies, muffins, granola bars), color, have dance parties, play dress-up, choose an animal to be for the day and learn about that animal, build forts, line-up our kitchen chairs to make a train and go sight-seeing, read books, write books, make puppets, sing songs, practice our letters, and build with blocks, to name a few.