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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lower Monthly Car Insurance Payment

I have a tip in saving money. Its by lowering your monthly car insurance payment.

To lower your monthly premium, request a higher deductible and ask for automatic monthly withdrawals. This can lower your car insurance premium by $20.00 a month. You can put the $20.00 that you are used to paying your insurance premium into a savings account. This savings account can be used as a slush fund to purchase unexpected gifts, presents, house necessities, emergencies or what ever you want to use the money for.


Crystal said...

Good idea, I hadn't thought about that. We'll have to try that since we are such careful drivers. I almost feel like all that money we pay every 6 months is almost a waste. But at least it gives us security. Thanks Staci!!

Shalyse said...

Also, it is good to get the best insurance quote possible. We go with Progressive for car insurance and we only pay a little over $200 every 6 months. Our former neighbors were talking to us about how ridiculously high their car insurance premiums were and we suggested that they check out how much they would pay with Progressive, they switched over immediately when they discovered they would be saving $1,000 A YEAR! Imagine that! That is a lot of money! Anyway, just a tip for those that may have not considered checking around.

Crystal said...

I can't believe you only pay $200 every 6 months. Ours is like $350!