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Friday, July 4, 2008

Not doing so well

I just looked at my goals today, and it seems that they require a lot more work than I realized! Planning meals takes a lot of time, especially if you are going to cook with what you have, shop the ads, and use coupons!

After talking with Jenny about this blog, I considered changing the name. I was thinking about what I really want to accomplish this blog, and also thinking about parenting and families and provident living. The church has a great site, But I really would like to encourage people to come unto Christ, while reaching out to moms, dads, students, families, and everyone who would like to implement better money and time management skills, as well as be better parents!

So, today is the 4th of July. Alana is sleeping. Stuart is enjoying some time with his brother, and I'm procrastinating doing the dishes. I still haven't made the bed, and I have laundry to fold. I really need to find the motivation to do these things.

I'm also incredibly stressed (and driving Stuart nuts) about our finances. We just found out we have to replace the fuel pump in our car (Click here for THAT story)and last week I ordered a crib for Alana that will arrive at Walmart this week. If I don't go pick up the crib, matress, and bedding set, then I'll be refunded the $220. But I REALLY want to have a crib for her. So where do I draw the line between wants and needs? She is fine sleeping in her pack n play, but my back is killing me from bending down. Since when did a bed become a want and not a need? I'm also really thinking I need to get a job. The thought of having $30,000+ in student loans really freaks me out. If Stuart would make 6 figures when he graduated, it wouldn't be as big a deal. But I don't want to be paying student loans off for 20 years!

So, this post is kind of a vent, kind of a stress relief. I think I'll go read a book!

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Jenny said...

I really liked your goals listed on the side. When I started my other blog (that has just sat as a list of quotes so far!), I was thinking to gear it toward women and emphasize the power we have to do good--whether that is with children, finances, taking care of our homes, etc. So I think you and I really are on the same train of thought. I love that! :) But I can totally relate to you on the not having motivation to get the chores done (one of the things I am struggling most with right now) and the time and energy it takes to creatively and efficiently plan meals, shop ads, use what you have, coordinate, etc. I am getting better at it (and have been trying to do it for over a year now, with varying and ebb and flow success) but it does take a lot of time and discipline! The last thing--about student loans--I totally respect your desire not to want them after. Since we will have a lot (upwards of 5x the amount you are even considering! crazy!!) I know how it feels to not want to be tied to student loan payments after graduation. For us that will be probably 10 years that really are a tight budget and determine when and what kind of house we are able to buy since our student loan pmt. will be like a mortgage pmt! But at the same time, I don't know how Chris and I could have done it different. We did the best we could at that time and that is how we made it work; of course I would love to not have student loans, but I also know it was the option that we needed to make things work for us, where we were at. So good luck as you try to decide what is best for your family. I hope you can feel peace and less anxiety as you find what feels right--I know that can be so stressful! I know (and I know you know :) ) it will all work out. But it IS hard to feel that in the middle of it!!