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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks Jenny

I just read Jenny's comment on my last post. I have since calmed down a bit, and with all of our car trouble, it seems like maybe the Lord was helping me know it was ok to take out student loans.

Anyway, Karen Kent told me about a great site called savvy shopper deals. It is through the daily herald, and I already found tons of great coupons. They list the coupons in ABC order, and you can find almost anything that is on you shopping list. You just have to make sure the store accepts them. You also can sign up for emails that will tell you about the great deals!!

We don't get paid until Friday, so I'm trying to be really creative with our meals. We have potatoes, lots of rice, frozen veggies, and things like that.

Tonight, I'm thinking of making wheat pancakes with hash browns.

We have a steak leftover from the Dearden cow, so maybe tomorrow we'll have mashed potatoes with corn and meat.

Thursday we'll be in SL, so maybe our families will feed us.

Friday...I'll have to brainstorm something. Maybe I can use leftover meat in a stir fry with rice?
I'll go shopping then, so I need to plan out the next 2 weeks worth of meals. I'll post what I plan just to give ideas to anyone who happens to read this!


Jenny said...

I'm so glad to hear that all my blabbing can sometimes be helpful :) I also realized that even if you and I are the only ones who ever read or write on here it's totally been helpful for me to get to bounce ideas off of you and learn from you!! :P Seriously, being a SAHM full-time can be A TON of work if you really try to shop the ads and eat at home and save as much money as you can, live on a tight budget, etc. Anyways, kudos to you again for your efforts! It really is inspiring to me to find ways to be better--and it really helps that you are trying to do some of the same things.

Good job on your meal plans this week. Reading this post made me realize one of the ruts I get into is feeling like I have to cook from a recipe or from set recipes I've used in the past, which means I have to go out and buy specific stuff, instead of planning meals based on other meals I've made recently or just using what I've had. Since we just got in town again on Sunday I just barely went to the store today but was proud of myself that I have made at least 2 meals strictly from what we had in the cupboard and fridge (which wasn't much!!) Anyways, so that's a facet of meal planning I'd like to get better at. Any suggestions you have on that would be much appreciated!!

P.S. I hope you like that I always write a lot--I like that we get to toss ideas back and forth!! :)You're great!! I'll be home in less than 3 weeks so we can do this in the same city soon! :P

Matt and Melanie said...

Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you know that I am reading your blog too and am so glad that you created it! It's good to know I'm not the only one in the boat of trying to save money, keep student loans down, create great meals, and be a stay at home mom.