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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kmart & Smiths

If anyone needs baby stuff, Kmart is having a great sale right now. They have clearance on summer clothes, which is great! Also, high chairs, strollers, carseats, swings, bouncy seats, etc...

We got a booster high chair (you just attach it to a chair) for 16.99. My friend Rosalee got a little gym for $25. Just FYI

ALso, Smiths in Provo is having their case lot sale, and many things are definitely worth it, especially for food storage. 24 case can of beans: 10.48
24 case can of veggies: 13.99

Sugar, flour, fruit, tomatoes, mushrooms, peanut butter, jam, tomato sauce, cream soups, canned chicken, and many other things are on sale! Everything is while supplies last!

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Shalyse said...

Hello! Thank you for letting me know about the big Kmart sale. We went to the one is Spanish Fork since we aren't in Provo anymore. There were so many things on Clearance for 40% off of the sale price stuff. I got like 10 outfits for $15! Some for us, others for sister-in-laws who are expecting, and others for gifts for friends or whoever who will be having babies soon.

Also, Walmart here in Payson put a ton of their baby clothes on clearance! I am not kidding when I say that I got 20 really nice outfits for $25. We didn't have anything for Andrea for 12 months and up really and we got maybe 5 or 6 different outfits (not just shirts or shorts, but both or a dress or something) for $1.00 each, $2.00 at most! It was great! I was so excited to find these. I also picked up a few outfits off the infant boys clearance rack because we will likely have a boy someday. When we do, I would rather have a few $1.00 items on hand (marked down from $6.00) than having to go out and pay $6.00 + for each outfit. Anyway, I don't know if the walmart in Orem is doing the same clearance racks, but it might be worth checking out. Thanks for the tips!