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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shopping list.

*Edited to say*: I realized I didn't include things on the list that I have in my cupboards or food storage (rice, noodles, oats, beans, etc...) I'll update the list tonight. Sorry.

I found a great web site that gives meal ideas. I realized I can just copy and paste those, and change what I don't like (a lot of them aren't too healthy). Then I just go through each recipe and copy/paste or type to my shopping list. Technology is so fabulous! And I'm getting much better at this whole meal planning thing.

The # 1 thing to do is go through your cupboards first and see what you already have. Even if you don't have the exact ingredient, you can modify a recipe.
Anyway, I've updated recipes for 2 weeks. Feel free to add to the calendar for the future, maybe if 1 person takes a day we can keep a couple weeks ahead, then I can look and post shopping lists. We can definitely help each other save time and energy! :)

PantryStaples & non-food
-Light bulbs
-Chocolate chips
-Sandwich bags
-Rubber-tipped baby spoon
-can of coke
-bbq sauce

Green onions
Green bell pepper

Protein & dairy
-16 b/s chicken breasts
-1 doz eggs
-package bacon
- 5 lbs ground beef
-2 pot roast (pork or beef)
2 lbs ground turkey
-sour cream
-Cottage cheese
-cheddar cheese (2 lbs)

-green beans
-broccoli caul. mix
-pie crust(I will make my own for the quiche)

-Tomato sauce*
-Black beans*
-Kidney beans*
-pinto beans*
-Cream of Chicken*

Tomato soup
Onion soup mix
Egg noodles

*=case lot sale

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