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Friday, August 14, 2009

Break time...

Our computer was in the shop this week, and it gave me a great break from the online world. DH & I even spent time giggling together instead of spending all evening doing our separate things. It was nice to know we can survive without the internet!

For a great parenting pick me up, head over to our "Sitsta" at d2the4thpower. This was a reminder to be gentle and that all of us make mistakes as parents (funny, I kind of got a goblin face and got up to an almost scream today when my little one rubbed her chocolatey face* on my khaki shorts**, so this post was especially poignant!)***

*Immediately clean chocolatey faces in order to prevent such a fiasco.

**Don't wear anything but dark wash jeans or brown/black pants. Dirty faces are attracted to clean, light colored clothing

***Your child is more important than your clothing. Invest in some oxyclean or spray 'n wash and remember that the goal is to raise loving, helpful children, not necessarily to have clean clothes...but if you can do both please tell us how you do it!


Lisa Anne said...

I totally agree. You know what my go to stain remover is? Those clorox pens. They are amazing. When I was in the waiting room at the hospital while my Dad was having open heart surgery, my sister shot ketchup all over my light yellow and white stripped sweater. I thought it was ruined not to mention the fact I'd have to spend the next 48hrs in a ketchup stained shirt. So I busted out the clorox pen, and it took the stains out instantly. Doesn't mess with the color. It looked perfect!! I lvove my clorox pen.

Jenny said...

Wow I had no idea you could use clorox pens on color, good to know! As far as messiness on clothes, really, I can't even blame my kids for this one! I swear I am a mess most the time because I'm being sloppy or absent-minded, not my kids, LOL.