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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Operation Organization Week 1 Finale

I finally finished my week 1 goal for Op Organization! Yippee! The toddler was so cooperative today, she played a lot, and I let her get into some of the things I was junking, so she enjoyed herself too! Here are the "after" pics:

What's that? My shelf doesn't LOOK organized? Take a look again! See those shoe boxes. Yeah, that's what frugal moms on a spending freeze use. They stack nicely. I even labeled the top of each box so I know what is in them. The bottom shelf is my craft/sewing stuff (hey, I have aspirations, and Jamie and Shalyse I know your prize is overdue, sorry!) as well as books that I read a lot of.

The middle shelf is hubby's junk (don't tell him I said that) but I compromised and only threw out all the recruiting stuff from the 10 billion accounting firms, only 2 of whom offered him an interview. I didn't throw out his notes from classes that he is convinced will come in handy on the CPA exams. We'll see, if he doesn't touch them in 6 months, they are SO gone! Plus the middle shelf is holding my foot spa and our humidifier. Very oddly-shaped things that don't make a space look very organized.

The third shelf has the text books and our sub-woofer/computer speakers that we only occasionally use. Sometime I'll post a pic of our computer desk so you can see why it is stored on this random shelf.

I also have to mention that with this week's challenge, I organized ALL of our files (and now have a HUGE bag of old bank statements, bills, and pay stubs to shred.) I also mostly organized our bedroom closet. I'll probably do a more in-depth job with that in a future week's goal!

And for those of you needing some tips, Melinda had a guest post some GREAT ideas on her parenting confessions blog. CHECK it out!

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Jenny said...

Looks great, good work! I have a stack of shoe boxes I was going to throw away (I hate when they just stack up) but I do use them for organizing stuff, so thanks for the inspiration to keep them around so I don't then feel the "need" to go out and by rubbermaid plastic storage containers since considering our money situation right now, those shoe boxes will suffice just fine!!