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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Organizing WEEK 2!!

This week's goal is to tackle how I organize food in my kitchen. Last winter I bought a little pantry from Shopko for super cheap, and while it has been great to not store food products on my counter, I definitely need to fix the mess, and come up with a better way to store things. I think some stackable plastic shelves and some flour/sugar/etc... containers might be in order! Too bad about the spending freeze (if anyone is getting rid of anything like that, let me know!)

Here are the "BEFORE" pictures:


Gigi said...

Oh. I am so unorganized. I think I need divine intervention.

Jenny said...

I'm excited to see what you come up with, I often go through and move stuff around and try to organize the shelves/cabinets in our kitchen but I am sure there are more efficient ways I could be storing/utilizing the small amount of space we have. The joys of small apt kitchens! :) we do the best we can eh?

Liz said...

I wish I good organized my crafting room. The picture looks great. Thanks for stopping at my blog.